POKERMACHINES.ME will require certain information and data from its users. The website will not force or obligate users to provide such information but it will require them to provide such information if they wish to become more involved in the community of the website. The users will provide the needed information to create an account through the registration form. This form is filled by the users themselves which guarantees the website that the data is provided willingly and by the knowledge of the users.

The information that the website will ask for will include first name, billing address, physical address, email, credit card information and other data. The website might also gather more data from its users through polls and surveys that it can regularly hold. All of this data is protected and safeguarded by advanced technologies, which assures users the security and safety of the data and information.

The website will not share this data with external websites and it will not sell it to any website or organization for any cost. The website will only share the information of its users with partners and subsidiaries that will enable it to provide its customers with client support. It will also enable it to ensure the correct delivery of services and products to the users who purchased them.

The website will only disclose the private information of its users to legal authorities if they approach the website and demand it to disclose such information according to the law.

All of the terms of this privacy policy can be changed and edited at any time whenever POKERMACHINES.ME sees fit. This change can occur without notifying the users before or after it happens. This change can include adding new terms as well as deleting existing ones. It can also modify the existing terms to any extent.

Terms of Service:

POKERMACHINES.ME is free to change any of the terms of service on this page without being required to inform users or visitors before any change or after any change. This change includes, but not limited to, the modification of terms (minor or major modifications), the deletion of terms or the addition of new ones.

It is the responsibility of users to view and understand the terms on this page as any user who will open the website, view any of the offered content, use any of the provided services or make any purchases is automatically giving his approval and consent to all of the terms in this document.

POKERMACHINES.ME prevents the use of cookies but this rule applies to the pages of POKERMACHINES.ME only. We are not in control of the behavior or external websites even the websites that POKERMACHINES.ME might occasionally provide links to or suggests. These external websites have the right to use cookies and they can offer harmful content that POKERMACHINES.ME is not responsible for in any way and cannot be held accountable for. Users who choose to click on any of the links on POKERMACHINES.ME that leads to other websites’ are doing so on their responsibility and discretion and this website is not responsible for them as soon as they leave the website.

This website offers various forms of content, interactive & non-interactive. This content is offered to assist users during their research only. Occasionally, the website can and will provide advertising services to other websites including, but not limited to, ad spaces, casino articles and casino reviews.

This website is not responsible for abiding by the rules and regulations of the users’ jurisdiction or state. It is the users’ responsibility to check the laws of their country before engaging with POKERMACHINES.ME in any way.